Nahda Modern Institute provides training to develop the skills of the professionals already employed in the field. The trainings are provided by the highly experienced professionals in the field. The short courses thus provided as follows:

NoCourse DescriptionModule DurationFees StructureComments
1Essentials of Human Resources Management30 hours300 KWDCertificate
2Warehouse, Logistics and Supply Chain Management20 hours250 KWD Certificate
3Industrial Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)20 hours250 KWD Certificate
4Food Safety Management System – (FSMS) ISO -2200020 hours250 KWD Certificate
5Digital Marketing20 hours250 KWD Certificate
6Procurement and Logistics Management20 hours250 KWD Certificate
7Secretarial and Office Administration Management20 hours250 KWD Certificate
8Customer Services and Relationship Skills20 hours250 KWD Certificate
9Setting Priorities, Time Management & Stress Reduction20 hours250 KWD Certificate
10Risk Management and Compliance Essentials20 hours250 KWD Certificate
11Organizational Behavior (Managing People at Work)20 hours250 KWD Certificate
12Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 900120 hours250 KWD Certificate
13Environment Health & Safety (EH&S) ISO 4500120 hours250 KWD Certificate

Management & Leadership Courses Details

Conflict Management
Work Procedures Management
Efficient Administration Skills
Performance & Career Path
Skills of Dealing with Superiors and Subordinates
Administration & Time Management
The Advanced Executive Secretary Program
Leadership Effectiveness Managers
Advanced Managing and Reviewing Services Contracts
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Leadership and Communication
Strategic Thinking & Business Planning
Time Management & Stress Reduction
Creative Strategic Planning & Leadership
The Leadership Challenge
Work Procedures Management
Women Empowerment and Leadership
Stress Management
Customer Service
Policy and Procedures for Document Management
Mastering Entrepreneurship: From Creativity & Innovation to Business Strategy
Global Supply Chain Management Skills Training
Effective Delegation Skills for All Levels
Leading & Change Management
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Legal Mediation & Arbitration
Management & Leadership Development
Basics Of Sustainability In Facility Management
Technical Writing Guideline & Specification
Fundamental Negotiation Skills
Fundamental Etiquette for Managers
Dynamic Leadership Skills
Effective Management
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
Business Planning Fundamentals
Executive Secretarial and Office Management
Organizing Meeting Skills
Improving Service Level Agreements
Strategic Alliances: Effective Communication and Protocols
Leadership in Nursing
Systems Thinking
Corporate Governance
Sponsorship Management
Warehouse Operations and Management
Corporate Leadership & Manage Skills
Strategic Planning
Claims Preparation, Negotiation and Dispute Management
Work Procedures Management
Contract Preparation Essentials
Internal Audit Performance Skills
New Graduate Program
Management and Soft Skills
Sales and Retail Management
Managing Tenders, Specifications and Contracts
Logistics and Port Management
Leadership Training Course
Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence
Personal Leadership Development
Leadership – Masterclass
Managing and Evaluating Contract Performance
Strategic Procurement
Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management)
Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 41001 :2018 (Facilities Management)
Planning, Organizing and Time Management
Policy and Procedures for Document Management
Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development
Market Driving Strategies
Managing and Leading Innovation
Principles of Asset Management
Negotiation & Influencing Skills (3 Days)
Planning and Organizing
First Steps Towards Entrepreneurship
E-Procurement Course
Intelligence in Communication and Negotiation
Developing High-Performing Teams
Creating a Path towards Employee Engagement
Change Management and Operational Excellence
Business Etiquette and Protocol
Office Management Specialist
Corporate Social Responsibility
Assertiveness and Confidence Building
Building and Managing Strategic Relationships and Partnership
Management – Masterclass
Managing and Evaluating Contract Performance
Leadership skills
Leadership & Professional Development
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Agile Mindset Fundamentals
Linking Training to Organizational Goals
Organizing Meeting Skills
Management Of Standards & Procedures
Contracts Management
Business Process Improvement
Effective Events Management
Empowerment in the Professional World
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Legal Mediation and Arbitration
Stakeholder Management
Administration and Office Management
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Time Management Planning and Stress Control
Leadership Excellence
Facilities Management
Women Empowerment and Leadership
Management Of Standards & Procedures
KPI Development
Advanced Office Management & Effective Administrative Skills
Managing Employee Performance, Behavior & Attitudes
Professional Planning Specialist Skills
Corporate Leadership and People Management
Executive Secretary Skills
Service Level Agreements
Effective Development of Business Strategy
Leadership Development: Self-awareness, Skills & Strategies
Procurement Analysis
Decision Making & Emergency Management
Interpersonal Skills
Effective Time Management
Supervisory Skills
Good to Great Management
The Balanced Scorecard: Achieving Performance Excellence
Empowering the Workplace for Greater Impact
Performance Management: Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals
Career Development and Succession Planning
Managing Self and Leading Others
Finance for non-financial managers
High performance teams
Basics Of Sustainability In Facility Management

Human Resources Trainings Courses Details

Engagement Leadership
Personal Branding and Reputation Management in the Modern Workplace
Managing People, Change, and Engagement in the Post-COVID Workplace
Strategic Succession Planning for Effective Leadership
Competency-Based Management
Organizational Politics and Power Dynamics
Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace
leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage
Certificate in Business Essentials
Developing & Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans
Strategic Organizational Development
Train the Trainer
Developing Leadership Talent
Writing Effective Policies & Procedures
Unleashing the Power of Workplace Psychology
Knowledge Management for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical & Energy Industries
Learning and Development Strategies for a High Performing Organization
Leading Strategic HR Transformation
The Master Class in HR Strategy
HR Metrics & Analytics
Mastering Fact-Finding and Investigation
Financial Bootcamp for Non-Financial Professionals
The Positive Leader
Workplace Conflict Resolution Online Masterclass
Online Training Skills for Trainers, Teachers and Instructors
The Leadership & Management Transition
Managing Your Energy for Peak Performance
Managing Technical Professionals and Organizations
The Management Transition
Managing & Measuring Training
Lean Performance & People Capacity Development
Communication Skills for Leaders in the Digital Age
Managing Employee Performance , Behavior & Attitudes
Leadership Development and Succession Strategist
Building an Agile Mindset and Being Agile in the Workplace
Mastering the Transition from Technical Expert to Leader
The Happy Workplace Leadership Program
HR Essentials for Effective Management
The 5-day Master Class: Excelling in your Leadership & Business Skills
HR Foundation for Organizational & Career Development Success
Compensation, Benefit Administration & Reward Management
Leading and Creating Virtual Teams
Strategies for Workplace Conflict Management
HR Skills for Non-HR Professionals
Foundations of Everyday Leadership
Certificate in HR Administration
Training Design & Development for Learning Success
Designing & Implementing Competency Frameworks and Assessment Tools
Measuring & Maximizing Training ROI
Leading Successful Change
Managing and Coordinating Training
From Traditional HR Role to Business Partner
Compensation and Benefits Professional
HR Assessor
Talent Management Professional
Employee Relations: Roles and Responsibilities
Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training
Strategic Human Resources Management
Recruitment Specialist
Performance Management: Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals
Competency Development and Implementation
Career Development and Succession Planning
HR Business Partner: Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies
Writing HR Policies and Procedures
Employee Engagement: Strategy and Practices
Organizational Design and Manpower Planning Professional
Train the Trainer: From Design to Delivery
Organization Development Professional
Learning and Development: Tools and Strategies
e-HR: Modern Trends and Applications
Certified Training Manager
Employee On-Boarding: Induction and Job Orientation Techniques
Strategic Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection
Instructional Design Practitioner
Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management
Managing your Internal Training Academy
Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Driving Employees Performance
HR Data Management & Analysis
Certificate In Human capital Planning
Monitoring Trends In The Job Market
Employee Well-being and Resilience
Performance Management
Organizational Behavior: Managing People at Work
Talent Management – Developing Key Personnel
Editorial Skills in Business (Intermediate)
Building Effective Employee Rewards and Recognition Skills
Employee Relations & Engagement
HR for Innovation
HR Analytics
Personalization in HR
Training Trends and Technologies
Organizational Development
Change Management
Coaching Skills for HR Professionals or Line Managers
How to increase job satisfaction – Happy work environments
Strategic Human Resources Management and People Analytics Strategy
Employer Branding Management
Succession Planning and Career Development
Administrative Learning and Development
Total Reward Strategy, Policy and Procedure
The Art of Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees
Managing and Measuring Training, Learning and Development
Linking Training to Organizational Goals
HR as a Strategic Partner
Writing Effective Policies and Procedures
The HR Essential Skills
Manpower Planning: Strategy Development, Execution & Assessment
Workplace Diversity and Talent Management
Training Needs Analysis & Training Evaluation
Employee Development & Empowerment
Performance Management: Setting Objectives and KPIs
Workforce Planning and Recruitment
Employee Relations: Motivation, Grievances and Discipline
Job Evaluation & Analysis
Human Resources Management
Evaluating Performance & Quality Control on Employees
Compensation and Benefit Management
Work Ethics
Coaching, Mentoring & Career Development for Success
Certificate in Strategic Enterprise Analysis & Consulting Skills
HR Administration Skills
Human Resources KPIs

Finance, Accounting & Insurance Courses List

Accounts Payable: Accounting and Management Best Practices
Dynamic Business Reports and Dashboards Using Excel
Advanced Excel: Power Query, Power Pivots and Macros
Professional Skills for Finance and Accounting
Managing Equity Portfolios
Financial Analysis Workshop – Virtual Learning
Effective Budgeting and Cost Control
Managing the Collections and Credit Control Team
Trade Finance, Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees
Preparing Financial Statements and the Annual Report – Virtual Learning
Next Generation Excel: Advanced Business and Financial Reporting
Certificate in Accounting and Financial Control
Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
Certificate in Fixed Assets Accounting and Management
Basel III, Risk Assessment and Stress Testing
Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Derivatives
Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards (CertI FR): Preparation Course
Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management
Mastering the Essentials of the Global Financial Industry
Certificate in Treasury and Cash Management
Advanced Financial Analysis
Fundamentals of Blockchain
Financial Data Analysis
Fast Closing Monthly and Year-End Accounts
Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions
Auditing in the Oil and Gas Industry Training
Cost Analysis, Control and Optimization
Advanced Excel: Power Query and Power Pivots
Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies Management
Financial Modeling
Financial Statements Analysis, Interpretation and Fixed Assets
General Ledger: Chart of Accounts
Budgeting, Reporting and Fixed Assets
Financial Fundamentals
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Analysis
Analysis of change orders and handling contract claims and disputes
Governmental Accounting
Accounting, Finance, Banking & Insurance
Capital Project Budgeting
Financial Analysis
Project Management in Banking Industry
Financial Analysis (Skilled Level)
Supply Chain Risk Management
Financial Accounting and Detecting Fraud
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Advanced Business and Financial Reporting – Next Generation Excel
Advanced Public Sector Financial Reporting and Analysis
F.M.M. Financial Modeling Master – Using Excel & VBA
Fraud Detection
Currency Management (Risk, Strategy & Asset Management)
Governmental Financial Issues
Financial Investment
Asset Integrity Management
Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting
Cost Benefit Analysis (Transport Economics)
Revenue Recognition and Accounting Controls
Data Analytics for Internal Auditors
General Insurance Claims Management
Billing and Credit Policy
Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations – Best Practices and Updates
Fiscal Policy in Practice
Financial Strategies & Management for Telecom Executives
Management Accounting in Telecommunications
Finance for Non-Financial Managers in Telecommunications
Budgeting in Telecommunication
Claims and Counterclaims Preparation, Analysis, Assessment and Successful Settlement of Disputes
Budget Accounting and Cost Controlling
Budgeting, Planning and Management Reporting
Effective Audit Committees
CFO Strategy and Leadership Program
Internal Audit Advanced
Advanced Strategic Internal Auditing
Financial Analysis (Financial Acumen & Budgeting)
Risk Based Internal Auditing
Audit Universe & Process Auditing
Financial Management & Auditing
Internal Audit Basics
Review of Financial Accounting & Detecting Fraud
The Effective Accountant
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Financial Management for Projects & Contracts
Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting
Cost Management, Financial Management, Budgeting and Cost Control
Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques
Insurance Principles
Cost Estimating
Islamic Finance
Financial Risk: Problems Analysis and Solving
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Treasury and Cash Management
Strategic Financial Planning & Implementation
International Public Sector Accounting Standards
Setting & Controlling Budgets
Understanding Finance to Influence Strategic Decisions
Accounting for Non-Accountants
Budgeting & Cost Control
Business Financial & Accounting Skills
Fast Closing Month-end & Year-end Accounts
Governmental Accounting, Financial Reporting and Budgeting
Revenue and Operations Accounting
Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Best Practices

Data management And Business Intelligence Training Courses

Big Data and Data Analytics Practitioner
Digital Transformation Masterclass
Machine Learning and Predictive Models
Digitization and File Management
Blockchain Professional
Big Data Strategist
Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting Techniques
Data Governance, Protection and Compliance Management
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy for Business Professionals
Data Protection Officer
Document Control and Records Management
Digital Transformation Masterclass
Big Data Fundamentals

Health – Safety & Environment courses List

Behavior-Based Safety
Waste Management: A Modern and Sustainable Approach
Emergency Response Planning: Crisis Management for Hazardous Environments
OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards
Security Incident Management and Investigations
IOSH Managing Safely
Security Policies and Procedures
Crowd Management and Control
Hazardous Waste Management
Waste Management: A Modern and Sustainable Approach
Access Control and Physical Security Management

Quality and Productivity Courses List

Lean Thinking: A Strategy for Operational Excellence
Total Quality Management (TQM): Tool Box for Continual Improvement
Strategic Quality Management
Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Certified Quality Management Professional
Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures
Lean Tools: Waste Elimination, Cycle Time Reduction, and Kaizen
Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
ASQ Approved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Applying Statistical Process Control (SPC), Process & Performance Capability and 7 Quality Co
ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence Refresher
Process Management: Mapping and Improvement

Administration & Secretarial Training Courses List

The Efficient and Highly Productive Administrator
Administration and Office Management Professional
The Certified Executive/PA Masterclass
Administration and Office Management: Best Practices and Technologies
Business Writing Skills
The Certified HR Administrator
Document Control and Records Management
Advanced Documents and Records Management Compliance
Communication and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals
Computer -Based Office Administration and Organization
Documents and Records Management Compliance
E -Library Management Techniques
Efficient Administration Skills
Office Management and Effective Administration Skills
Organizing and Behavioral Skills for Administrative Professionals-Executive Secretaries-PAs
SharePoint Implementation Best Practices – From Design to Integration
The Advanced Executive Assistant Program
The Executive Assistant – Personal Assistant Masterclass
The Highly Productive and Effective Administrator
The Office Professional and Records Management Masterclass
The Support Staff and Administrative Assistant
Time Management and Personal Effectiveness

Business Continuity & Crisis Management Courses List

Business Continuity Management
Emergency Response Planning: Crisis Management for Hazardous Environments
Business Continuity and Crisis Management during Pandemic Threats
Crisis Management and Emergency Response Measures
Business Continuity Management: Standards, Plans and Systems

Contract Management Courses List

Contract Administration: Understanding and Implementing Contractual Obligations
Mergers and Acquisitions
FIDIC Contracts Management: Practical Use of FIDIC Contracts
Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Tendering: Contract Preparation and Bid Evaluation
Training in Business and Commercial Law
Contract Management for Non-Contract Professionals
FIDIC Claims: Management of Claims and Resolution of Disputes
Improving Service Level Agreements

Marketing And Sales Courses List

Basic sales skills
Business networking
Complaint handling
Customer service training
Intermediate sales skills
NLP sales training
Sales negotiation
The Strategic Marketing Plan
Digital Marketing Practitioner
Certified Sales Manager
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Account Management
Sales Professional Certificate
Social Media Marketing
Market Driving Strategies

Project Management Courses List

Feasibility Studies: Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation
Project Management for Transport Infrastructure
Project Budgeting and Cost Estimating
Preparation for Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification
Managing IT Projects Effectively
From Establishment to Project KPIs and Dashboards
Project Management Skills
Certificate in Advanced Project Management
Project Portfolio Management: Skills and Techniques
Project Risk Management
Managing Agile Projects

Auditing – Governance – Risk & Compliance Course List

Enterprise Risk Management
IT Auditing and IT Fraud Detection
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
Risk-Based Internal Audit
Report Writing for the Internal Auditor
Data Governance, Protection and Compliance Management
Basel III, Risk Assessment and Stress Testing
Foreign Exchange, Money Markets and Derivatives
Anti money laundering and combating the finance of terrorism

Public Relations & Communication Skills Training Courses List

Advanced Communication Skills
Presentation Design and Delivery
Crisis Communication Skills
Effective Report Writing Techniques
Organizational and Departmental Communication
Report Writing for the Internal Auditor
Legal Writing and Drafting Skills
Excellence in Customer Service (Advanced)
Customer Service Management
The Customer Complaint System: A Tool for Customer Service Improvement
Crisis Communication Skills
The Essentials of Business Etiquette and Protocol
Public Relations and Media Skills
Events and Conferences Management
Achieving Performance Excellence Using Emotional Intelligence
Presentation Design and Delivery
Time Management and Stress Control
High Performance Teams
The Essentials of Business Etiquette and Protocol
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines
Managing Self and Leading Others
Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making
The Power of Positive Attitude
Best Practices in Conflict Resolution and Adaptability
Happiness: Sustaining a Motivating Work Culture
Communication and Relationship Management Skills
Managerial Decision Making and Problem Solving
Assertiveness skills
Communication skills
Conflict and resilience
Conflict resolution
Dealing with difficult people
Influencing skills
Minute taking
Presentation skills
Report writing
Stress management
Telephone skills
Time management
Train the trainer
Public Speaking in Media: Have More Confidence on Camera
3D TV Digital Video and Television
Communication Strategy Design
Public Outreach & Engagement
Communication Skills
Social Media Management
Strategic Branding
Communicate with Influence
Effective Communication and Influence
Effective Communication and Inspirational Presentations
Communication Skills
Improvement on Communication: English Writing & Speaking Skills
The Customer Service & Public Relations
Strategic International Relations Management
Technical Report Writing
Public Relations and Exhibition Management
The Art of Impactful Presentation
Advanced Public Relations Management
Advanced Business Writing
Advanced Effective Communication Skills
Planning and Managing PR Campaigns
Business Writing and Internal Communication
Event Management
Organizational and Departmental Communication
Successful Business Report Writing
Public Speaking and Professional Presentation Skills
Public Relations, Marketing and Internal Communication
Managing Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction
Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Public Relations Management
Strategic Marketing, Brand Management & Public Relations

Food and Safety Training List

Personal Cleanliness and Health
Sanitary Food Handling
Food Services Accidents
Food Services Incidents, inspection and illnesses
Food Safety Management System
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point
Restaurant Management
Prevention and Control of Enteric Viruses
Pest Control Management and Safety
Equipment and Tools Control Management
Waste Management

Six Sigma and Quality Management System

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